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Forward Flux Productions opened the west coast premiere of the new play The Wedding Gift. The play features J as Torosh, the father of a princess who receives an in interesting gift at an other-worldly wedding, set in the distant future.

J will be singing “Delivery” by Lin-Manuel Miranda and “Lovin’ Al” by Micki Grant from the musical Working as part of a staged reading produced by Showtunes Theatre Company at Benaroya Hall on May 7 + 8

J’s essay The Problem of Diversity in Seattle Theatre Stems from Implicit Assumptions and ‘White Fragility’ received over 6,000 page views from across the country, sparked conversation on reddit, and got a mention in The Stranger Slog.

J had a great run as Mr. Franklin/Joop/Mr. Venus in Passing Strange produced by Sidecountry Theatre for the Central Heating Lab in the Bullit Cabaret at ACT Theatre in Seattle.